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Solar array 'a big deal' for Star Island

June 29, 2015

As Star Island Corporation celebrated its centennial year this past weekend, board and staff members alike said they are proud to be taking part today in an environmental legacy that will set the stage for the next 100 years.

RGGI survives but misses a great opportunity

June 17, 2015

The concept of cap and trade was invented during the Reagan administration to reduce ozone chemical compounds, which were destroying the ozone layer. The idea was to place a cap on the pollutants and charge manufacturers whose products exceed the cap. It worked!

Please respect the rules of the water

June 16, 2015

A warm sunny weekend just passed and blessed us who love being on the water.


It is also the return of all manner of weekend sailors. The majority are careful and considerate when navigating the Piscataqua river.


Exemplary response to New Castle oil spill

May 29, 2015

On Tuesday, oil from a waste storage container on the NOAA research vessel Hassler accidentally leaked into in Harts Cove, New Castle where the vessel is docked.


The whole response to the spill was exemplary. The quick response and coordination between the Hassler, The Coast Guard, the NH Department of Environmental Services and NH Port Authority were exceptional.

Maine lawmakers seek solution to acidification of ocean

March 29, 2015

A group of state legislators in New England want to form a multi-state pact to counter increasing ocean acidity along the East Coast, a problem they believe will endanger multi-million dollar fishing industries if left unchecked.

Penny wise and pound foolish — followed by penny foolish

February 20, 2015

Energy efficiency and energy independence both took a beating this week in the NH House of Representatives.


First, the House voted to defund RGGI, the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative. RGGI is a cap and trade program (a concept introduced by the Reagan administration) in which all New England states and New York participate. A small amount of your energy bill (21 cents a month for the average ratepayer) goes into a fund, which pays for energy efficiency projects. Most of the funds pay for municipal and school projects and low-income weatherization.

Borden, Sherman returned to House

November 4, 2014

Two Democratic incumbent state representatives were returned to their seats in District 24, serving the towns of New Castle and Rye.


David Borden and Tom Sherman defeated Republican challengers Dan Hughes and Ray Tweedie.

The reason electricity prices are rising

November 1, 2014

As chair of NH House Science Technology and Energy Committee, I am getting lots of questions about rising electric rates.

Electricity prices have gone up because on cold winter days we have limited natural gas and residents who heat with gas have a priority.

Borden is an advocate for the environment

November 1, 2014

To voters in Rye and New Castle, if you think that New Hampshire’s climate is changing and impacting how we live and do business, then cast your vote for David Borden for N.H. state representative.

Sherman, Borden set record straight on budget

October 30, 2014

In his Oct. 18 letter to the editor, Gary Terhune raised concerns about the budget, as has Mr. Tweedie in his mailings. I would like to help clarify how the New Hampshire budget works.